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What are Good Nootropics? Do Brain Enhancing Drugs Work? Brain Training Guide

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A person does not have the option to simply become smarter overnight. He or she just has to take a pill and these pills are classified Nootropics or brain boosters which enhance a person’s cognitive ability by increasing things like blood flow and help to your brains neurons to connect faster.

The best way to understand how cognitive enhancer works is that a person should imagine his or her brain as a power plant with a control center that tells the power plant what to do. The wires of the body would be called neurons and the pulses that the brain sends through the wires are called neurotransmitters. A cognitive enhancer works on the power plant to send more pulses through the neurons. This should make the body more efficiently and be able to learn quicker. Cognitive learning should be better and anything else that has to do with learning should be much improved.

How Brain Boosters Aid Health

Cognitive learning should not be the only thing that improves. A person should be able to focus more and be able to concentrate more on the tasks that they are doing. Memory should improve as parts of the brain that deal with memory are being stimulated more. He or she should start things like keys or wallets less often. There should be an improvement in energy as the person’s body can deal faster with what is happening around them.

Piracetam Can Enhance Intelligence

This group of nootropics can make a person happier, make his or her memory better and can process information better. They can give a person the enhancements that they expect from taking brain boosters.

Noopept 1,000 Times the Brain Boost

Noopept should be able to give 1,000 times the brain boost that a person would get from other cognitive enhancers. Some people think that Noopept might actually be the nootropic on the marker.
This brain supplement can improve his/her learning ability and keep a memory longer as well as remembering it quicker. It should be noted Noopept can cause headaches and other side effects. By Noopepy with Citicoline, a person is minimizing the side effects.

Aniracetam & Caffeine 

These group of brain boosters can make a person creative and enhance his or her memory. It can do these things without a person feeling anxious. Scientific research says that Aniracetam may have a future as anxiety reduce as well being a brain booster. Aniracetam could be combined Bacopa to make his or her mood better as well to make a person smarter.  If a person is new to cognitive enhancers, these are probably the drugs that a person should start with. Experienced brain booster people could still get some benefits from these pills. They are both natural and people should be used to these supplements already as these substances can be found in foods and drink. People who have studied these supplements believe that a user will have increased energy will be able to concentrate more and have better alertness.

Alpha GPC  for High Concentration and Increased Intelligence

These have same effects as Oxiracetam, Piracetam, and Aniracetam, but are much cheaper to buy. A person can save money and still get better concentration and increased intelligence. Reviews believe this group of drugs is best for people who want to be able to focus for short amounts of time. “Flowers for Algernon” is ultimately a cautionary tale about artificially increasing a person’s intelligence. The main character does get his intelligence increased, but he ultimately dies from the operation. A person can try to increase his intelligence through pills, but he or she should be careful and should take the side effects seriously.